Course Generator V4.3

A new version of Course Generator est online. It solve issues with maps.

What’s new :

  • No need to restart CG when you change the language setting
  • Switch from to (due to http error 429)
  • Clear the tiles memory cache when tile server change
  • Stop current downloading jobs when tile server change
  • 2 to 8 downloading jobs simultaneously

Advice: With the previous version it was possible to have a tiles from different servers in the same folder. This version solve this problem. It’s advised to delete the map folders.

“Tools > Open the ‘Speed/Slope’ folder”. This will display the folder the CG data. Delete the “TileFolder” folder.

Download here.

Course Generator V4.2.2

Version V4.2.2 is online. It brings a much faster startup of the application.

According to my tests, the startup is at least 2 times faster.

IIt should be noted that under Windows, the anti-virus slowed startup because it considers files with the extension “jar” as archives (“zip” files) and therefore it analyzes the content.

On Linux and MacOS, this problem is not present and the startup of the application will be much faster than on Windows.

Course Generator – V4.2

Version 4.2 of Course Generator is now online.

Course Generator page principale

What’s new :

  • Add of “Thunderforest outdoors” (api key need to be purchased) and “Stamen toner” tiles servers.
  • Map track highlighted during night time
  • Track colors and width configuration
  • Load and save color theme in global settings
  • Shift+F9 to display global settings
  • Spanish translation (thanks Victorhck)
  • Add button “Center on track”
  • Add button to hide/show markers on map
  • Add button to save the displayed map as image
  • Set map toolbar floatable
  • Save the last directory used
  • New markers icons (transparent)
  • Switch from WIX installer to NSIS installer
  • Documentation update
  • Bugs fixes

2 files can be downloaded :

  • An « exe » file for Windows. Due to the fact a new installer software is used, you need to first uninstall the previous version before installing this version.
  • A “zip” file. This is an archive that contain the software. This is a manual installation. You only need the content of the archive in a folder and run the software. For Windows it’s away to avoid the installation process that need administrator rights.

Course Generator V4.1

Good news, version 4.1 is online.

What’s new?

  • “Speed / slope” curves in min/mile have been added. If you do not see them in the “curves” window then you have to select the menu “Tools> Update standard curves”. This will update your standard curves and add the missing curves. Be careful, if you have modified the standard curves this will erase your changes. To avoid this problem, save your changes under a different name than the standard names.
  • In the tab “Summary”, a double click on a line opens the edit window.
  • In the menu “Help”, an access to the FAQ of the website has been added.
  • In the “Help” menu, access to Frédéric’s site (contributor to the development of CG) has been added. In this page, you can download tracks in CGX format (Frédéric website).
  • The color code for the difficulty is the same throughout the software.
  • Added a filter on the GPS positions. When you have a track with a very high point density, the calculation is very often wrong. This optional filter allows you to intelligently remove points. The ability to filter the track is offered, if necessary, when loading a track. For more information see the FAQ ( ).
  • Added “Read only” mode. This mode allows you to use your track without accidentally changing its settings.
  • The icons have been redesigned to allow the use of HDPI screens.
  • Support of HDPI screens. In the general parameters of CG, it is possible to choose the size of the different elements of the software.
  • Several bug fixes

It can be downloaded here.

As always, do not hesitate to talk about Course Generator around you.

Enjoy 😉

Altitude adjustment with GPSVizualizer

If you record a track with your phone, GPS or GPS watch, recording altitudes is often a problem. In this video, I show you a pretty extreme case and how to fix the problem.

See also the faq for more details.

20Km with 3000m of climb gain in 2h, it’s probably a world record. Unfortunately the reality is that I am only a Sunday runner 🙂

Course Generator V4.0.0 (Stable)

Good news! After 2 years and a complete rewrite of the software (more than 30,000 lines of code), version 4.0.0 of Course Generator is available on the download page.

Main window

This version is multi-platform (Windows, MacOS and GNU/Linux), multi-language (currently French and English) and Open Source (project hosted on GitHub). More information here.

The Windows version contains an installer. For GNU/Linux and MacOS, it necessary to follow the procedure described in the download page.

I want to thanks Frédéric who has helped me and motivated me in recent months. He made it possible to have an English documentation and he  fixed many bugs.

I don’t forget all beta-testers who tested the first beta versions. Thank you.

I will end this post by reminding that this software is totally free. It is written during my free time and if you find that this software is super mega cool and that its author deserves a small reward then think about visiting the donations page.

Course Generator 4.00 beta 1

Finished Alpha versions I switch to the Beta. This means that there will be no new functionality.

The final version will be released when :

  • The documentation will be completed. For the moment you can refer to the documentation of version 3.88
  • The English translation will have been validated (translation and units)
  • The curved files in miles/h will have been created
  • The Windows Installer will be created

A single file

Good news, no need to manually install standard curves. At startup the application checks if the “default” curve is present on your system and if it’s not found it asks you if you want to install all the curves. Magic 🙂

Moreover, the program contains only one file:

  • “course_generator.exe” for Windows
  • “course_generator.jar” for MacOS and Linux

It is very handy if you are not administrator of your system.

The 2 files are available here:

Click the file you want. This will open a new page then click the “Download” button.


  1. Install this file where you want
  2. If necessary, create a shortcut that you add to your desktop or menu
  3. Run the program
  4. If this is the first time you are running Course Generator 4, answer “Yes” to the question about installing standard curves

As usual, I don’t do a lot of advertising around Course Generator. I rely on users to preach the good word.

So I’m counting on you …