Altitude adjustment with GPSVizualizer

If you record a track with your phone, GPS or GPS watch, recording altitudes is often a problem. In this video, I show you a pretty extreme case and how to fix the problem.

See also the faq for more details.

20Km with 3000m of climb gain in 2h, it’s probably a world record. Unfortunately the reality is that I am only a Sunday runner 🙂

Course Generator V4.0.0 (Stable)

Good news! After 2 years and a complete rewrite of the software (more than 30,000 lines of code), version 4.0.0 of Course Generator is available on the download page.

Main window

This version is multi-platform (Windows, MacOS and GNU/Linux), multi-language (currently French and English) and Open Source (project hosted on GitHub). More information here.

The Windows version contains an installer. For GNU/Linux and MacOS, it necessary to follow the procedure described in the download page.

I want to thanks Frédéric who has helped me and motivated me in recent months. He made it possible to have an English documentation and he  fixed many bugs.

I don’t forget all beta-testers who tested the first beta versions. Thank you.

I will end this post by reminding that this software is totally free. It is written during my free time and if you find that this software is super mega cool and that its author deserves a small reward then think about visiting the donations page.