The connected watches are fashionnable. Owner for more than 10 years of a Timex datalink USB, for which I wrote several applications (see my website, I wanted to replace it. It was not connected but it could be customized and had a battery range of more than one year.

Most of the latest “connected” watches are customizable but they have a ridiculous battery life (1-2 days). Pebble stands out with its week of autonomy. If you reduce the usage of the bluetooth you can reach nearly 2 weeks.

An acceptable autonomy, easily programmable with a community of developers, I liked it.

J’étais sur le point de la commander quand par hasard en regardant sur priceminister je suis tombé sur une vente. 115€ pour un modèle Kickstarter édition. Une affaire (Elle vaut 150$ actuellement).

I was about to order it. By chance found a sale on priceminister. 115€ for a Kickstarter edition model. A bargain (It is currently 150$ + shipping + taxes).

I’m not disappointed with my purchase. It’s not massive and has a good looking (compared to my Timex).



Of course I custimzed the watch. I create RChrono, a stopwatch application.


I also wrote a specific « watchface » (a watch page) that allow to have in the same page:

  • The week day (text)
  • The time
  • The date (text)
  • The week number (very useful for me)
  • The moon phase
  • The battery level
  • A Bluetooth connection indicator


I also add an interesting feature. Between 9 and 21h, it vibrates twice the full hour and once in half an hour. This allows me to know the time without disturbing anyone.

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