Course Generator 4.00 beta 1

Finished Alpha versions I switch to the Beta. This means that there will be no new functionality.

The final version will be released when :

  • The documentation will be completed. For the moment you can refer to the documentation of version 3.88
  • The English translation will have been validated (translation and units)
  • The curved files in miles/h will have been created
  • The Windows Installer will be created

A single file

Good news, no need to manually install standard curves. At startup the application checks if the “default” curve is present on your system and if it’s not found it asks you if you want to install all the curves. Magic 🙂

Moreover, the program contains only one file:

  • “course_generator.exe” for Windows
  • “course_generator.jar” for MacOS and Linux

It is very handy if you are not administrator of your system.

The 2 files are available here:

Click the file you want. This will open a new page then click the “Download” button.


  1. Install this file where you want
  2. If necessary, create a shortcut that you add to your desktop or menu
  3. Run the program
  4. If this is the first time you are running Course Generator 4, answer “Yes” to the question about installing standard curves

As usual, I don’t do a lot of advertising around Course Generator. I rely on users to preach the good word.

So I’m counting on you …