Course Generator V4.1

Good news, version 4.1 is online.

What’s new?

  • “Speed / slope” curves in min/mile have been added. If you do not see them in the “curves” window then you have to select the menu “Tools> Update standard curves”. This will update your standard curves and add the missing curves. Be careful, if you have modified the standard curves this will erase your changes. To avoid this problem, save your changes under a different name than the standard names.
  • In the tab “Summary”, a double click on a line opens the edit window.
  • In the menu “Help”, an access to the FAQ of the website has been added.
  • In the “Help” menu, access to Frédéric’s site (contributor to the development of CG) has been added. In this page, you can download tracks in CGX format (Frédéric website).
  • The color code for the difficulty is the same throughout the software.
  • Added a filter on the GPS positions. When you have a track with a very high point density, the calculation is very often wrong. This optional filter allows you to intelligently remove points. The ability to filter the track is offered, if necessary, when loading a track. For more information see the FAQ ( ).
  • Added “Read only” mode. This mode allows you to use your track without accidentally changing its settings.
  • The icons have been redesigned to allow the use of HDPI screens.
  • Support of HDPI screens. In the general parameters of CG, it is possible to choose the size of the different elements of the software.
  • Several bug fixes

It can be downloaded here.

As always, do not hesitate to talk about Course Generator around you.

Enjoy 😉