Course Generator – V4.2

Course Genrator page principale

Version 4.2 of Course Generator is now online.

Course Generator page principale

What’s new :

  • Add of “Thunderforest outdoors” (api key need to be purchased) and “Stamen toner” tiles servers.
  • Map track highlighted during night time
  • Track colors and width configuration
  • Load and save color theme in global settings
  • Shift+F9 to display global settings
  • Spanish translation (thanks Victorhck)
  • Add button “Center on track”
  • Add button to hide/show markers on map
  • Add button to save the displayed map as image
  • Set map toolbar floatable
  • Save the last directory used
  • New markers icons (transparent)
  • Switch from WIX installer to NSIS installer
  • Documentation update
  • Bugs fixes

2 files can be downloaded :

  • An « exe » file for Windows. Due to the fact a new installer software is used, you need to first uninstall the previous version before installing this version.
  • A “zip” file. This is an archive that contain the software. This is a manual installation. You only need the content of the archive in a folder and run the software. For Windows it’s away to avoid the installation process that need administrator rights.

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