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Course Generator is a software which can estimate your time in road running races, trails, ultra trails or treks.

Created in 2008 for my personal needs, it has not stopped evolving and it allows, today, to do much more than the estimation of your travel time.

Main window

From a GPX or CGX file (Course Generator file format), it allows you to:

  • Estimate your time at each point of the track.
  • Set terrain type (the difficulty to the track: road, trail…) at each point of the track
  • Set your fatigue coefficient and how it will evolve during the race
  • Set the refueling time (to eat, to drink, to sleep…)
  • Set the cut-off time on points of the track. CG will give you give an alert if you are late
  • Set the recovery coefficient after a rest
  • Set a name and a comment for each position of the track
  • Take into account the effect of the night during
  • Take into account the effect of the altitude (over 1500m)
  • See your track on an OpenStreetMap map
  • Generate a mini road book where you will see the track profile and all the most important information of your race (position name, time, hour, altitude, elevation gain…)
  • Get statistics of your race
  • Analyze a race
  • Invert the track direction
  • Define a new start point for a “looping track”
  • Insert a track at the beginning or the end of another track
  • Extract a part of the track
  • Save all your specific settings in a CGX file (a Course Generator specific format)
  • Have offline maps (OpenStreetMap)
  • Use Metric or Imperial measure
  • Display the speed as speed or pace

Course Generator also allows to make the following manipulations on GPX files:

  • To load a GPX file
  • To save changes to GPX format
  • To reverse the direction of a track
  • To save part of a track
  • To merge multiple track into one
  • To change the starting point of a looped track

Course Generator is Open Source, multiplatform (Windows, MacOS and GNU/Linux) and multi-language. His code is available on Github.

That’s expensive?

It’s free. Of course, if you find this software brilliantly cool, you can make a donation to thanks the author and encourage him in future developments. It’s here…

You can also help the author by advertising around the software. I gain nothing but knowing that what I created is used by a growing number of users is rewarding.


You can download the last version in the download section.

Latest news about Course Generator

You will find the latest news about Course Generator in the blog.

Example of use

An example of use? Why not a course not too hard and quite short, the UTMB® 🙂

With the GPX file of the track you can:

  • Define the “quality” of the field (roads, paths…)
  • Define milestones, Stations, cut-off times and rest time
  • Calculate your time at each points of the track according to your abilities
  • Know the time of night run, the time spent at over 2000m or even the spent time over 2000m by night. This allows you to realize what you are going to face and prepare your backpack accordingly
  • Generate a fully customized mini-roadbook. Very useful to have global view of the track.
  • Export a portion of the track in GPX or CGX format, for example to recognize the track in 4 steps.
  • Reverse the direction of the course.
  • Change the starting point. For example to start from Courmayeur.
  • Save all your settings in CGX format (Course Generator file format) in order to exchange all your settings with your friends.

How it works

The operating principle is as follows:

Course Generator principle

Video presentation

The video below shows you how Course Generator works (old version of the software but the principle remains the same, currently in French 🙁 ).

The mini-roadbook

Course Generator offers the possibility of generating a mini-roadbook. This will contain the profile of the track and information about your way points.

3 types of profile are available:

The “Simple” type. The profile of the track does not contain any additional information.

The “Road / Trail” type. The profile highlights the portions of road and trail by a color code.

The “Slope” type. The profile highlights the degree of slope by a color code.

The settings made to generate the mini-roadbook are saved in the CGX file of the track. If you exchange a track in CGX format, you exchange the track with all its information (station, quality of the terrain, cut-off times …) and the mini-roadbook.

If you are convinced, made a tour through the download page.

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